2009-2010 Academic Year Erasmus Intensive Turkish Language Course Students

Duyuru Tarihi: 01.01.1970 03:00:00

They Came, They Learned, They Traveled, They Witnessed, They Left as a live proof of Turkish Culture
In 2009-2010 Academic year, 12 students from different countries, mainly from Poland, France, Czech Republic, Italy, Germany, joined the Erasmus Intensive Turkish Language Course organized between August17-September 18, 2009 at Kocaeli University. With the attendance of Vice Rectors Prof. Dr. Ayse Sevim Gokalp, Prof. Dr. Hasret Comak and the Dean of Education Faculty Prof. Dr. Yunus Kıshalı, our Coordinator and Erasmus Advisors of International Relations and EU Unit, students were given information about our University and its facilities during a welcome party organized by our Unit. Trips were organized to different parts of Turkey ranging from Amasra-Bartın- Safranbolu, Thermal Yalova-Bursa to İstanbul with their museums, palaces, thermals and etc in order to introduce Turkey’s historical, cultural and natural treasure to EILC students. They all enjoyed and spend a fruitful time during these trips and also had the chance to watch the production of Turkish Fairy Floss while tasting some of our indispensable traditional drinks: Turkish coffee and brewed tea at a Turkish Coffeehouse. After the certificate ceremony and photography contest, Erasmus Turkish Language Course Students say goodbye to our University with the good memories in their hearths and set off on their journey to their hosting Universities for their academic periods. Meanwhile we, as International Relations and EU Unit, thank our volunteer students who helped us in meeting our Erasmus Students and accompanied them as their pair friends during their stay here.