Learning Agreement and Change Sheet: The learning agreement is the document showing the courses that the student will take at the institution where the student will be a guest. This document must be signed by the student, the host institution and the host institution before the student goes abroad. The student must deliver the signed original or copy document to the unit before the exchange. If the student changes course after leaving the country (within 1 month following the beginning of the training), he / she must complete the training agreement change sheet in such a way as to show the lessons that have been removed or added, and then the original or copy of the copy must be submitted to the unit after being signed by all parties.

Contract Example: This document is signed between the student and the host institution. After receiving the visa, the student must visit the unit to arrange and sign the document.

Certificate of attendance: This document is filled in by the visiting institution and confirms the student's exchange period and the student is entitled to the calculation of the total grant he deserves at the end of the exchange. The amount remaining after the grant paid before the change is transferred to the student's account.

Student Activity Report Form: This is a feedback form which reflects the student's thoughts about the change in his / her return and should be delivered to our unit.

Transcript of Records: This document is a transcript of the courses taken by the students in the institution where they are guests. Upon the return of the student, the original of this document must be submitted to our unit and a copy to the department / faculty coordinator in order to initiate equivalence procedures.  

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Erasmus+Learning Agreement
Erasmus+ Learning Agreement Changes Sheet
Certificate of Attendance
Transcript of Records
Failure Form
Renunciation Petition
Erasmus+ Extension of Study Copy
Poat Graduate and Doctorate Student Thesis Studying Copy

Inter-Institutional Agreement Between Programme Countries

Student Declaration Copy to Host University
Erasmus Extension of Agreement Copy Between Programme Countries