International Relations Unit


Our university, on its way towards being an international university, became a member of European Universities Associations and signed Magna Charta in 2006. Erasmus Exchange Program is carried out for both students and academic staff.

The main objective of Erasmus Program is to increase the quality of higher education institutions in Europe, to contribute to the recognition of any kind of educational activity and improvement of transparency and to overcome the misperceptions and prejudices among European societies, starting from higher education institutions. The program involves conducting common projects and actualizing them and facilitating short-term student and staff exchange and mutual financial support. In addition to these goals, the program also aims to improve higher education institutions in accordance with the requirements of the business world and to encourage co-operation of higher institutions and business world so as to provide graduates with more employment opportunities.

Go to Head office of Student Affairs in Umuttepe Campus to confirm and make your registration and obtain a Student ID card. There you will be given a student number, student certificate and informed about when you can get your Student ID card. Get your Umuttepe Campus map there.

Go to your department with your student number and confirm your registration to the department.

Visit your Erasmus Departmental Coordinator at your Faculty and revise your learning agreement. If you rearrange the agreement please have it done in a month and please do not forget to inform and bring one copy to our office.

Inform your home institution about your arrival.

You can obtain a SIM card from Turkish mobile phone companies and adjust your mobile phone for international calls.

In order to benefit from the student discount for urban transportation, you need to have a City Card (Kent Kart) which you can obtain from the Directorate of Transportation located in Kocaeli Fairground close by NCity shopping mall in the downtown. To obtain a City Card you are required to submit a student certificate issued by the office of Student Affairs.

Attend the Orientation day for the new incoming students organized by your office.

Incoming students are informed about residence permit on the orientation day. You need to apply for your residence permit at the Police Station in 4 weeks after your arrival in Turkey.

Check your e-mail every day so you can be aware of the recent events.



Permit documents. The IRO will guide incoming students in getting these cards, getting new numbers for mobile phones and with the procedure to get the residence permit in addition to this students will be guided during the registration period. Please first send your application documents scanned to the e-mail address international@ then all required application documents should be sent via air-mail to the following address before the application will be processed:

Kocaeli Üniversitesi, Uluslararası İlişkiler Birimi, Umuttepe Yerleşkesi, 41380, Kocaeli, TURKEY. Email:


After Mobility

For information about accommodation/residence permit please look at accommodation and residence permit section of International Relations Unit Website.