Kocaeli University

History Kocaeli University was founded with 6 faculties, 1 vocational school, and 3 institutes as per 1992 dated and 3837 numbered law. Having lost 75% of its asset in the 1999 earthquake, Kocaeli University restarted education in 1999-2000 academic year with only one-month cancellation.

Umuttepe Campus At the end of this period, on 4 October 2000, Kocaeli University laid the foundation of Umuttepe Campus in a land of 6500 decares in Üçtepeler district. The construction was completed in 4 years and our university moved to the new campus in the 2004-2005 academic year.

Moving towards being an international university, Kocaeli University became a member of European Universities Associations in 2001. We fulfilled Erasmus conditions in 2004 and signed the “Magna Charta Universitatum” charter in 2006. Teaching staff and student exchange activities have been carried out via Erasmus Exchange Programs.

Kocaeli University Technopark Corporation Kocaeli University, with a sense of being located in one of the most important industrial regions of the country, sets a premium on cooperation between university and Industry. Our University successfully continues to cooperate with all organizations, carrying out industrial and commercial activities in the region, especially with the chamber of professionals.

Kocaeli University Technopark has been exporting to many countries and among these, the United States, Germany, Azerbaijan, Spain, Switzerland, Russia, Georgia, Kenya, Turkish Republic of Northern, Saudi Arabia, Syria and Greece are at the head of the list.GENERAL INFORMATION



How To Become An Erasmus Student At Kocaeli University

If you are one of the students who would like to apply to Kocaeli University as an Erasmus student, you should check if there is a bilateral agreement with the Faculty/Department you would like to study. You should contact the coordinator here who is responsible for your Faculty/Department and ask for the courses in order to prepare the course list of your learning agreement. To know the Turkish language at a certain level would be your advantage to follow the courses with Turkish students and also it is important for your success and efficiency in your period here.

Contact Kocaeli University International Relations Unit Umuttepe Campus 41380 KOCAELI Phone: +90 262 303 3843-44 E-mail: intoffice@kocaeli.edu.tr Web Site: http://int.kocaeli.edu.tr/

Application Process Each incoming student applicant should be firstly selected and nominated by his/her home university in the scope of the bilateral agreement for the relevant faculty/department at Kocaeli University. Upon the submission of the application by the student, Kocaeli University will provide him/her with the invitation letter and all relevant information about the registration procedure.

All application documents, specified below, should be duly signed and sealed by the home university and then sent to the International Relations Unit of Kocaeli University before the deadlines.


Application Deadlines:

Required Documents:

The application form should be completed on the computer and in full. Original, fax or photocopies will be accepted; however, application forms without the proper signatures and stamps will not be accepted. (Please also provide two photos)

(Please click on ‘Information on Degree Programmes’ section to choose your study cycle and see the list of courses.)


(Please click on ‘Academic Levels’ part on the left column to choose your study cycle and see the list of courses.)

International Relations Office of KOU will prepare necessary documents for incoming students. These documents include Transportation card, Student Card and Residence


Arrival To Turkey: There are two international airports in İstanbul. 1- Atatürk International Airport: Atatürk International Airport is located at Yesilkoy district on the European side of Istanbul. In order to get to Kocaeli from Atatürk International Airport, you can take the subway inside Ataturk Aırport to Esenler Bus Terminal (ca. 20 minutes). At Esenler Bus Terminal, there are many bus companies shuttling from Istanbul to Kocaeli and vice versa. There, you can take one of the buses to Izmıt Bus Terminal (Izmıt is the central town of the province of Kocaeli).


2- Sabiha Gökçen Airport: Sabiha Gökçen International Airport is located on the Asian side of Istanbul. From Sabiha Gökçen Airport you can take private bus companies such as HAVAŞ or line number 250 (the green buses) to arrive Izmit Bus Terminal.

To Umuttepe Campus: There are four ways to come to Umuttepe after you arrive at Kocaeli Bus Terminal or at Halkevi stop which is about 10 minutes before Bus Terminal:

1- The first option is, on your way to the Bus Terminal (before arriving at the bus terminal) to get off at Halkevi and ask for Umuttepe minibuses which are green buses with number 33, 43, 53 to arrive Umuttepe Campus.

2- The second way is to get off at the Bus Terminal and take the minibuses with number 23 or 24 which goes to Umuttepe Campus.

3- The third option might be to ask the bus agency if they offer any free shuttle services from Izmit Bus Terminal to Umuttepe. So you need to ask the driver for it. The Turkish version of asking the question of “Is there any free shuttles to Umuttepe?” is as follows: “Umuttepeye ücretsiz servisiniz var mı?”

4- The fourth option is to take a taxi from the Bus terminal to Umuttepe. The distance is around 15 km.

Urban Transportation: Apart from Public buses between Halkevi and Umuttpe, there are many other alternatives for urban transportations from various districts of Izmit to Umuttepe Campus.

Inter-city Transportation: There are many bus agencies in Kocaeli Bus Terminal (In Turkish: Kocaeli Otogar which offer services to nearly all of the cities in Turkey. You can cross the Izmit gulf with Ferries in all seasons and also go to Istanbul Islands in summer. Izmit train station which is located in the city center also would be good option to travel around Turkey.

What to do after arrival in Turkey Visit International Relations Unit-Incoming Student Department, confirm your arrival and learn about the documents required after your arrival. (1 photo, a copy of your passport etc.) Documents you need to submit before your arrival are previously explained.




Health Services All students, including international students enjoy easy access to the services offered by the research and application centers at the university hospital and the Medico-Social Center with their student’s ID cards. Affiliated to the Department of Health, Culture and Sports, the Medico-Social Center is staffed by a public health specialist, two general practitioners, three dentists, a specialized psychologist, two psychologists and two nurses. School of Physical Education and Sports employs a nurse. A physician and a nurse are available from the center on Hereke Campus while a public health specialist can be found on Kullar Campus.

Disability Research and Application Center Established in 2007 “KOU Disability Research and Application Center” aims primarily to create a basis to discuss, identify and work out solutions to the problems of the students with special needs usually face. Here, all actions and activities, which may be contributed to by voluntary work of individuals, are executed by the “Executive Board of KOU Disability Research and Application Center”. The Center is principally committed to raising awareness among university community on the issue of “disability”.


Library With an area of 4.055 meter squares including the branches, Kocaeli University Umuttepe Campus Central Library is in service with 90.000 printed books and 115.103 e-books, 205.103 books in total; 955 printed periodicals; and 72 online databases which enable access to indexes and abstracts of 101.452 e-journals, 41.166 full text e-journals, 2.279.629 e-thesis abstracts and 884.286 full text e-thesis.

All hardcopy items are converted into the electronic format in compliance with international codes and standards (AACR-2), classified according to the Library of Congress Classification System and available on open shelves at the library. All items can be scanned here at http://library.kocaeli.edu.tr Central Library is currently able to accommodate a seating capacity of 430 patrons and is wired by a computer network of 88 users. All titles and databases present in the library can be scanned on these computers, which have an uninterrupted internet connection. There is also wireless internet connection.

The Library grew in the year 2010 with the addition of a new section for the Visually Handicapped. (http//kutuphane.kocaeli.edu.tr/kutuphane/gorme_engelliler.html)

In addition to the Central Library, there are 3 other branch libraries as well, namely Anıtpark Campus Library, Faculty of Medicine Library and Faculty of Law Library. The one on Anıtpark Campus has a collection of 4.118 books while the ones on Faculty of Medicine and Faculty of Law have 12.073 and 4.933 books respectively.

LIBRARY WEB ADDRESS Further information about library services, terms of use and other related matters can be found on the library’s web page. http:// kutuphane.kocaeli.edu.tr


Sports Services and Activities Gazanfer Bilge Sports Hall is situated on 10300 m2 covered area with spectator seating for 2000, including 3 training halls, 2 fitness halls, 2 dance halls, and workshop halls. Moreover, there is Open-Air Sports Area situated on 600 m2 consisting of 3 Basketball, 4 Volleyball and 4 Tennis courts. The Swimming Pool with spectator seating for 265 and 2 steam baths are open to guest users as well as the university personnel and the students. The Pool has the ideal parametric values and hygienic state required by the Ministry of Health.

Our university is represented in almost 30 sports branches by our selected students in university competitions. Our university teams, including national sportspersons as well, achieve notable successes each year. With the title of Most Medal Winning University, Kocaeli University is in the top ranks with tens of gold, silver and bronze medals earned in University Sports Organizations.

For Campus Recreation, every year recreational tournaments for students in different branches such as Basketball, Volleyball, Chess, and Table Tennis are held with the participation of almost 1000 athletes from over 40 faculties and schools. Moreover, the organization named “Rector Cup” is held every year in female and male categories in 4 branches.

Several different sports organizations such as mountaineering, rafting, skiing and snowboarding are held in different regions as summer and winter sports camps as out- of-campus activities. All students, all university personnel and their families have the opportunity to use university facilities and take part in organizations in the best conditions in several branches.

Computers Registrar’s Office helps maintain an information system where all procedures concerning registration, announcement of grades, applications for student certificates and academic transcripts can be carried out instantly. The office is located in Umuttepe Campus. Each school and faculty of KOU has its own computer laboratory, assisting students to achieve learning through real application of lessons. The number of computers with the internet connection is steadily growing. Furthermore, wireless internet connection is now available throughout all campuses. The university also has smart classes equipped with instruments to hold video classes and conferences.


Student Information System Majority of student affairs are being carried out through an extensive, online student information system, developed by a group of academic staff employed at Kocaeli University. The system doesn’t only allow students to access the announced scores of their exams but also provides a platform where registration for courses is achieved directly by students and approved by related lecturers. Academic transcripts, student certificates and other documentation can be edited on the system, too. For academic members and students only, it displays information regarding the curricula, department, classrooms and academic members. Subject to a continuous development and enhancement, the system allows users to post small announcements, too, thus supporting students in any possible simple give-and-take relations.

Student Counseling Faced with difficulties and problems, students may always seek advice and solutions from the secretariat of their departments and the Registrar’s Office as well as the counselor academic staff. At Kocaeli University students may contact the members of academic staff anytime they need.

Food and Drink Students from all academic and administrative units are provided with lunch and dinner. Students with a need for financial support have the opportunity of lunch and dinner for free of charge. Moreover, there are canteens and cafeterias that can meet students’ all needs in main and other campuses.

Transportation In Kocaeli where fast transportation is available, students can commute by mass transportation buses, public buses, in-city minibuses and tramway. Furthermore, students from İstanbul and Sakarya use private service buses and minibuses. There are also ferries from İzmit to Gölcük, Değirmendere, Karamürsel and Hereke.

Banking There are two bank branches and three automated teller machines in the Umuttepe Campus. There are also branches and automated teller machines of banks available in the city center. Faculties, vocational schools and school building also provide automated teller machines.

Accommodation There are some private residential halls and dormitories in the city. Students can also rent and share flats. Students usually prefer Yahyakaptan, Yuvam, İzmit Kent Konutları, Dunya Bankası and Bayındırlık Kalıcı Konutları to rent flats. In order to get information about the accommodation possibilities, please contact our International Unit at international@ kocaeli.edu.tr or intoffice@kocaeli.edu.tr



Student Council KOU Student Council has been organized in order to introduce and improve the education at university and discuss the problems and find solutions. In case of no solution, students direct it to the University Senate. Student Council Administrative board is represented by representatives from every faculty and school from both day and evening classes.

Contact E-mail: ogrkonseyi@kocaeli.edu.tr Web: http://ogrkonseyi.kocaeli.edu.tr/ Address: Umuttepe Central Campus Sosyal Tesisler Binasi 41380 Kocaeli/Turkey

Social and Cultural Activities Student clubs such as folk dances, music, theatre, mountaineering, sub aqua, photography are available so that students can make use of the time best out of class and take part in cultural activities. The student clubs show their works and efforts in Spring Festival and any other time. They also organize conferences with experts in the related fields.

Career Days Kocaeli University and Turkish Employment Agency organize “Career Days” or “Employment Fair” so as to help students solve the possible problems that can be met during job applications.


STUDENT CLUBS AND SOCIETIES 1. AKUT (Rescue Team) 2. R&D and Innovation 3. Archeology 4. The Atatürkist Ideology 5. Computer Engineering 6. Biology 7. Stock Market and Finance 8. Modern University Students 9. Modern Life Supporting Club 10. Environment 11. Mountaineering and

Mountain Sports (KOÜDAK) 12. Dancing 13. Derbent Vocational School Tourism 14. Economy 15. Electric Engineers 16. Electronic and Communication 17. Industrial Engineering 18. Philosophy 19. Physics 20. Idea 21. Photograph 22. Journalism 23. Folklore 24. Aviation 25. IEEE Students 26. Communication


  1. Civil Engineers 28. English Language and Literature 29. Business 30. Geophysics Engineering 31. Geology Engineering 32. Karamürsel Maritime 33. Karamürsel Vocational School Aganta 34. Career and Consultancy 35. Book 36. Puppet 37. Leadership 38. Mathematics 39. Mechatronics 40. Architecture and Design 41. Motor Sports 42. Music 43. Chess 44. Cinema and Television 45. Political Sciences 46. Underwater Association 47. History 48. Medicine School Scientific Research 49. Medicine School Social Activities 50. Theatre 51. Society and Life 52. International Relations 53. Sailing



Research and Application Centers ¬ Research and Application Centre for Atatürk’s Principles and History of Revolution

http://aidaum.kocaeli.edu.tr ¬ Substitute Fuels Development, Research and Application Centre

http://ayargem.kocaeli.edu.tr ¬ Research and Application Centre for Protecting Children ¬ Women Problems Research and Application Centre (KASAUM)

http://kasaum.kocaeli.edu.tr ¬ Research, Education and Application Centre for Welding Technology

http://kataem.kocaeli.edu.tr ¬ Stem Cell and Gene Therapy Research and Application Centre (KÖGEM)

http://kogem.kocaeli.edu.tr ¬ Laser Technologies Research and Application Centre (LATARUM)

http://latarum.kocaeli.edu.tr ¬ Ongoing Education Research and Application Centre (KOÜSEM)

http://sem.kocaeli.edu.tr ¬ Distance Education Research and Application Centre (KOÜ-UZEM)




¬ Archeometry Research Unit ¬ Eurasia Research Unit ¬ European Community and International Relations Research Unit (ATMER) ¬ Headache Treatment Unit ¬ Scientific Research Projects Unit-http://bpab.kocaeli.edu.tr ¬ Empirical Medicine Research and Application Unit (DETAB)

http://detap.kocaeli.edu.tr ¬ Education Research and Application Unit ¬ For People With Special Needs Research and Application Unit

http://engelsiz.kocaeli.edu.tr ¬ Research Unit for Real Estate Law Problems and Modern Housing ¬ Research and Application Unit for Written and Video Communication Technologies ¬ Faculty of Fine Arts Education, Research and Application Unit

http://gsf.kocaeli.edu.tr/guseb.htm ¬ Hereke Carpets and Silken Textile Research and Application Unit

http://hhali.kocaeli.edu.tr ¬ Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, European Studies Unit ¬ Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, Social Researches Unit ¬ Invasive Cardiology Research and Application Unit(İKAUB) ¬ Occupational Health Research and Application Unit ¬ Wireless Communication and Information Technologies Research Unit

http://wins.kocaeli.edu.tr ¬ Kandıra Vocational School Folklore Research and Application Unit

http://folkar.kocaeli.edu.tr ¬ Books Press-Information and Distribution Unit ¬ Clinical Researches Unit-http://laboratuar.kocaeli.edu.tr ¬ Poetry Activities Unit (School of Poetry)

http://siiretk.kocaeli.edu.tr ¬ Psychological Counseling And Guidance Unit ¬ Clean Energy Conversion Systems Research Unit (TEDSAB)

http://tedsab.kocaeli.edu.tr ¬ Theatre Activities Unit ¬ Society Mental Health Unit

http://torsab.kocaeli.edu.tr ¬ Tularemia Diagnosis and Treatment Unit ¬ Unit for Establishing Communication with Foreign Foundations ¬ Surface Physicochemistry Research and Application Unit



English Türkçe English Türkçe English Türkçe English Türkçe

Yes Evet Thank you! Teşekkür


Food Yiyecek Potatoes Patates

No Hayır My name is.. Benim adım Butter Tereyağı Salt Tuz

How are you? Nasılsın What is your


Adın nedir? Carrot Havuç Sugar Şeker

Hello Merhaba Do you speak


İngilizce Biliyor musun?

Cheese Peynir Tea Çay

Cheese Peynir Tea Çay

Car Araba I am Sorry Özür dilerim Chicken Tavuk Cucumber Salatalık

Good-Bye Hoşçakal I do not Un-


Anlamıyorum Pork Domuz eti Tomatoes Domates

When Ne zaman Where is ..? Nerede? Fish Balık Wine Şarap

Bus stop Otobüs Durağı How much

is it?

Fiyatı nedir? Sausage Sosis Beef Kırmızı et

Credit Card Kredi kartı I am lost Kayboldum Coffee Kahve Beer Bira

Discount İndirim What time

is it?

Saat kaç? Cookie Kurabiye Mushroom Mantar

Free Entrance Ücretsiz Giriş Closed Kapalı Egg Yumurta Mustard Hardal

Library Kütüphane Time Zaman Pepper Karabiber Ice cream Dondurma

Shop Dükkan Ticket Bilet Milk Süt Lemon Limon

Money Para Train Tren Banana Muz Bread Ekmek

Open Açık Price Fiyat Apple Elma Water Su

Weekdays Günler Numbers Sayılar Hospital Hastane Prescription Reçete

Monday Pazartesi One Bir Doctor Doktor Sting Arı sokması

Tuesday Salı Two Iki Nurse Hemşire Sun burn Güneş yanığı

Wednesday Çarşamba Three Üç Ambulance Ambulans Sun stroke Güneş çarp-


Thursday Perşembe Four Dört Heart attack Kalp krizi Urine test Idrar tahlili

Friday Cuma Five Beş Aspirin Aspirin Cut Kesik

Saturday Cumartesi Six Altı Medicine Ilaç X-ray Röntgen

Sunday Pazar Seven Yedi Nosebleed Burun kana-


Fever Ateş

Holiday Tatil Eight Sekiz Painkiller Ağrı kesici Fractured Kırık

Weekend Hafta Sonu Nine Dokuz Pharmacy Eczane Headache Baş ağrısı

National days Ulusal günler Ten On Plaster Yara bandı Stomachache Karın ağrısı



English Türkçe

How many should I take per day? Günde kaç tane almalıyım?

I am a diabetic/Asthmatic Şeker hastasıyım/Astımlıyım

I am ill/ I am in Pain Hastayım/Ağrım var

I have got something in my eye Gözümde bir şey var

I have stomachache Miğdem ağrıyor

I have a tooth-ache Dişim ağrıyor

I have a cold Üşüttüm

I have the flu Nezleyim

Where can I find a doctor? Nereden bulabilirim.

Where can I find a dentist? Nereden dişçi bulabilirim.

Where is the nearest pharmacy? Enyakın eczane nerede?

Ambulance Ambulans

Bandage Sargıbezi

Blood Test Kan Testi