Below are the transport alternatives from the two international airports in İstanbul to İzmit, the central town of the province of Kocaeli:


From Sabiha Gökçen Airport to İzmit

Sabiha Gokcen Airport is located on the Asian side of İstanbul.

For easiest access from Sabiha Gökçen Airport to İzmit, you can take bus line 250 (the green buses) to İzmit Coach Station. To see schedule and details, please visit Kocaeli Municipality website.

You can also take a taxi. The approximate travel time is 40-50 minutes, but it may change depending on weather and road conditions. It may cost almost 150-200 TL.

For other transportation options from Sabiha Gökçen, you can visit its webpage.


From İstanbul Airport to İzmit

İstanbul Airport is located on the European side of İstanbul.

In order to get to İzmit from İstanbul Airport, you can take IETT bus line IST-3 at the airport to 15 Temmuz Demokrasi Coach Station (Esenler). The busses depart daily at intervals of 30 minutes. At Esenler Coach Station, there are many bus companies shuttling from İstanbul to İzmit and vice versa. There you can take one of the buses to İzmit Coach Station. The ticket prices vary approximately between 25 -37 TL. You can also take a taxi from Esenler Coach Station to İzmit. It takes almost 40-50 minutes from the airport to the coach station by a taxi and it nearly costs 120-140 TL.

Another alternative from Istanbul Airport is to take the HAVAIST Airport Buses. You can easily reach 15 Temmuz Demokrasi Coach Station (Esenler) by HAVAIST Airport Buses. Cash money is not valid in the airport buses so you will need to purchase İstanbul Kart.

To find out other transport alternatives from İstanbul Airport, you can visit its webpage.


From İzmit City Center to Umuttepe Campus

There are multiple ways to come to Umuttepe Campus:


Inter-City Transportation

There are many bus agencies in Kocaeli Bus Terminal which offer services to nearly all of the cities in Turkey. You can cross the İzmit gulf with Ferries in all seasons and also go to Istanbul Islands in summer. İzmit train station which is located in the city center also would be good option to travel around Turkey.