Visa, Insurance and Residence Permit

Visa, Insurance and Residence Permit


For registration, exchange students have to secure an official approval from the Turkish Consulate of their home country in a document showing the period of study in Turkey. With this consent entered on their passport and an invitation letter from Kocaeli University, they are granted an education visa.


Students need to have health insurance. They can get their insurance before coming to Turkey (in your own country) or when they come to Turkey.

If students choose to get their insurance in their own country, they should keep in mind that to apply for residence permit they need to get a new insurance policy indicating a particular statement for residence permit application.


Residence Permit

Residence Permit is an official document stating registration with the Provincial Migration Administration Management (İl Göç İdaresi). All Erasmus students, regardless of status, are required to apply for a residence permit as soon as they arrive in Turkey. Please check your visa requirements and duration of stay allowance in Turkey in the link.


Please note that you cannot leave Turkey without obtaining your residence permit card. If you do so, you will receive a penalty depending on your case. Turkish citizens/blue card holders do not need to get a residence permit.


Provincial Migration Administration Management is the authorized unit for the residence permit process and you can apply online for an appointment via


Please see the required documents for resindence permit application below: