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Short-term or Non-Degree Students Placed by Collaboration Protocols

Application Process:

Non-Erasmus students can apply to study at Kocaeli University if the two institutions have cooperation agreements duly signed and sealed. Students can apply to study for one/two term(s) or they can apply for traineeship.

For application students fill the application form and send it through their international office. (After receiving the application form, Kocaeli University will provide the student with the invitation letter. This process takes about 10 days and it will be sent when it is ready.)

There are necessary application documents students need to provide. All required application documents should be sent via e-mail to the following address before the application will be processed:

Kocaeli Üniversitesi, Uluslararası İlişkiler Birimi, Umuttepe Yerleşkesi, 41380, Kocaeli, TURKEY.Email: zeynep.sarici@kocaeli.edu.tr

Required Documents:

Application Form,
Nomination Letter,
2 Photographs,
Learning agreement,
Transcript of Records (English),
Photocopy of passport
A non-refundable application fee of €10 must be paid separately to the IBAN # TR740001000163491383185012.
If you need a swift code while paying the Money the swift code is: TCZBTR2A

Application Deadline:
Final Submission for 2016-2017 Fall semester: 22 July 2016
Final Submission for 2016-2017 Spring semester: 9 December 2016
Course Catalogue:
Kocaeli University course catalogue can be found in the links below:
(Please click on ‘Information on Degree Programmes’ part to chose your study cycle and see the list of courses.)
(Please click on ‘Academic Levels’ part on the left column to chose your study cycle and see the list of courses.)
Residence Permit
Required documents are as follows.

  • 5 photos and € 70 (ca.138 TL)
  • Original Passport and a copy
  • Residence Permit Form (to be supplied by our office)
  • Insurance

Students need to have health insurance. They can get their insurance before coming to Turkey (in your own country) or when they come to Turkey.

If students choose to get their insurance in their own country, they should keep in mind that there has to be such an explanation as below.

Students have the opportunity to accommodate in the student dormitories nearby Umuttepe Campus or in the city center. There is also a rare opportunity to stay with host families (especially with families of the classmates), or they can rent apartments at reasonable prices nearby the campus. Monthly rents vary between 200 and 300 € depending on the location and the size of the flat. The central heating is usually not included in the rent.

For further queries, you can get in touch with Kocaeli Erasmus Student Network Club (ESN) at info@esnkocaeli.org

For traineeship at KOU: (for 10-day/1-2 months study)

Students can apply for traineeship during the term, but they should apply (send the application form) at least before 20 days of their planned study duration. . 

Application Process:

1. Students fill the application form and send it through their international office. (After receiving the application form, International Relations Office writes to related department in order to get their consent about application. If the department accepts the application, Office prepares an invitation letter. This process takes about 10 days so please don't ask for the letter. It will be sent when it is ready.)

2. Students handle their personal procedure and prepare their documents for their study. If they need, Kou prepares a certificate for the students.

Application Form

For further queries, please contact:
Lect. Zeynep Sarıcı
E-mail: zeynep.sarici@kocaeli.edu.tr

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